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ROM2 - Get support from Jobfind through Rusta and matcha

Are you in need of personalized support to enter the labor market? Then we at Jobfind can help you. Apply to participate in our Rusta and Matcha program. We will provide you with individual coaching and guidance to help you find the right job, internship or training.

The goal of the Rusta and matcha initiative is that you who participate will, with the support of our coaches, succeed in getting into work or training as soon as possible. You can easily find out if you are entitled to the Rusta and matcha initiative by contacting The Swedish Public Employment Service – if you are entitled to the service, you choose the Jobfind office that suits you best and we will contact you to book an initial meeting.

At Jobfind, we give you the right conditions and support to find a job, broaden your network of contacts and review your opportunities for further education. With us, you get individual support with application documents, contacts with employers, study and career guidance, study visits and short training initiatives as well as workshops. Our teams have a broad and solid knowledge of the local labor and education market and also collaborate with our colleagues nationally to support you in your next step in life.

What is Rusta and matcha 2?

Rusta and Matcha is an initiative for those who are registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service and who are deemed to be in need of individually adapted support in their job or study search.

Rusta and matcha is often referred to as ROM2, which is short for Rusta and matcha 2. They are simply two different names for the same thing.

ROM2 is a service provided by the Swedish Public Employment Service. You can access the service through different providers and you can choose which provider you want to receive help from. We at Jobfind are one of the suppliers that have an agreement with the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The main purpose of ROM2 is to provide you with individualized support and the right tools to find a job, get help finding an internship, probationary period or training that will lead to a sustainable job – this also includes further education. With coaching and support, you will get all the help you need.

How Rusta and matcha work

The Equip and Match service gives you the right tools to enter the labor market or training that can lead to a job. You simply get the individual support you need.

The service is for both new jobseekers and the long-term unemployed. Anyone who is considered to be in need of extra help can apply for the service and be approved. You apply to the Swedish Public Employment Service and then choose the Jobfind office you want to contact.

You will then receive the support you need for six months. You can get the following help, among others:

  • Study and career guidance by an experienced tutor
  • Get help writing a CV and cover letter
  • Get help writing application documents
  • Mapping your strengths
  • Mapping your skills and experience
  • Practicing interview and presentation techniques
  • Tap into your tutor’s network of contacts
  • Participate in study visits, workshops and networking
  • Motivational interviewing and coaching

The Swedish Public Employment Service’s service is called Rusta och Matcha and that is exactly what we help you with. We prepare you for the labor market and match you with potential jobs. Welcome to contact us for more information!

What is needed for me to participate in ROM2?

ROM2 is for people who can work but need help to enter the labor market. This is where we at Jobfind come in. Our experienced counselors will help you find a sustainable job that is right for you.

To participate in Rusta and Matcha, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be registered as a jobseeker with the Swedish Public Employment Service
  • You must get approval from the Public Employment Service
  • Choose which provider you want to get help from

Initially, you will participate in the service for six months and then there will be an evaluation with the Public Employment Service. After that, if necessary, you can participate for a further six months, for a total of 12 months.

If you are new to Sweden and do not speak Swedish, you can get support in your own language. You can also study at SFI while participating in ROM2. You can participate even if you have no primary or secondary education.

Why you should choose Jobfind Sweden

There are lots of suppliers offering ROM2, so why should you choose us at Jobfind? Why not ask one of the many people who have found a good job or got into training with our help? Our goal is for everyone to achieve their goals and we have guided over a million people worldwide on their journey to a job.

We provide you with personalized support to optimize and increase your chances of getting the job you want. We help you through study and career guidance, employment initiatives, integration initiatives and training.

Our tutors have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the local labor and education market. They also have a wide network and useful business contacts in many sectors that you can benefit from. We help you take the next step in life!

Frequently asked questions about Rusta and Matcha

Are you thinking about choosing us as a supplier of Rusta and matcha or want to know more about what the service entails? Here are the most common questions our customers have and our answers to them. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you are welcome to contact us!

Why should I participate in Rusta & matcha?

With us at Jobfind, you can get individually tailored support when looking for a job or the right training. With the help of our coaching, you can overcome your obstacles and enter the labor market. It is simply a very good opportunity for those who want to increase their chances of success. Finding a new job can sometimes feel like climbing Mount Everest. It feels high, impossible and so complicated that you don’t even know how to start planning. That’s why we’ll help you get equipped and smooth your way into the labor market.

How do I get admitted?

To receive job coaching from us at Jobfind, you must apply for an approval from the Public Employment Service. If they think you can benefit from ROM2, you can ask to join the service at Jobfind. Remember that you must justify how the service will help you. Select your nearest Jobfind office and we will contact you for a meeting.

Will I get any financial support if I go Rusta and matcha?

Yes, what you receive is activity support from Social Insurance Agency and the requirement is that you follow the plan set up by the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Am I guaranteed a job or training after Rusta and Matcha?

We will do our best to provide you with the optimal conditions for you to get a job or enter training. However, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome. After six months on ROM 2, there is an evaluation with the Public Employment Service and, if necessary, you can spend another six months on the program. Together with your supervisor, you create the best conditions for success!

What happens when I join Jobfind?

To start at Jobfind, you inform the Public Employment Service in your application that you want to choose us as your provider. When you come to us at Jobfind, you will be assigned a personal contact person who will then be your supervisor throughout the process. As you and your supervisor get to know each other, it will be easier to develop a plan that optimizes your chances of success in the job market. You and your supervisor will have regular contact, set up a plan and then have follow-ups to see how you are doing.

Why did Rusta and matcha start?

The Public Employment Service used to have the Rusta and matcha service, but this has now been replaced by the Rusta and matcha 2 (ROM2) service. The main focus of the new service is on matching and therefore we providers will have to work extra hard to tailor our coaching and activities to give you as a jobseeker the best possible chance of matching with a job. The ROM2 service is a reform from the Public Employment Service launched in 2020 and 2021. Since Sweden has the Act on Freedom of Choice Systems (LOV), you as a jobseeker have the right to choose the service provider.

How to choose the best supplier of Rusta and matcha?

It is important that you choose the right provider of the Public Employment Service’s ROM2 service. We at Jobfind are one of all suppliers. To make sure you’re on the right track, and hopefully with us, we recommend you do a comparison. Check out different providers to see what they can offer you as a jobseeker. What languages do their tutors speak, what activities and training can they offer and what coaching can you get? If you want to know what we at Jobfind can offer you, read more under the heading “How Rusta and matcha works”. Of course, you can switch to us if you are not satisfied with your current provider.

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