More than just a job

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More than just a job.

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We support jobseekers across Sweden to progress to work or study. Are you entitled to Rusta and Matcha? Read more about Rusta and Matcha here

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A labor market training is an opportunity for you who are unemployed and registered with the Public Employment Service to get into / back into the labor market.


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What we do

At Jobfind, we deliver life-changing opportunities for individuals, and committed workers for employers through education and training solutions.

Jobfind is made up of a large group of colleagues and businesses who, with their dedicated staff, are committed to empowering, supporting and helping people achieve their goals.

As part of the Angus Knight Group (AKG), Jobfind in Sweden has access to the expertise and resources of our sister companies, in terms of various business services such as best practices in finance, legal advice, information, technology, marketing and administration support. Through the Angus Knight Group’s activities in different countries, Jobfind in Sweden also receives a valuable exchange of knowledge from different communities, cultures and people.

Founded in 1991 by Duncan Angus, the Angus Knight Group has supported more than 1 million people into work and education over the past three decades

Through its 13 companies, the Angus Knight Group provides integrated employment, training and workforce solutions in a variety of markets with government, business, community and participant clients. It operates in more than 200 locations in Australia, Europe, and the UK, and employs more than 700 people, directly and through its partnerships, engaging with diverse clients in 78 languages. 68% of the AKG team are women.

More than just a job

“I am incredibly proud of our team and our participants! The commitment and determination they show every day to achieve results that benefit both society and individuals is very inspiring.”

Aralia Eriksson MD Jobfind Sweden

The CEO’s ambitions

Jobfind may be a newcomer as a player in the labour market area of the Swedish labour market, but organizationally the company is part of large operations that for decades have worked with education and labour market issues for great benefit to public customers and social residents. With this background and the strong value-creating intention that underpins the brand, I am very much looking forward to contributing with these efforts in Sweden as well.

I believe we are uniquely placed to successfully combine the knowledge and experience of our Swedish staff, with all the knowledge and methods our colleagues abroad have in working with challenging social issues. This gives Jobfind in Sweden the best starting point to work effectively to help people take their next step towards their own livelihood and thus contribute to the development of society in general.

Aralia Eriksson MD Jobfind Sweden

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