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Equip and match – support in work and education

Kundval Rusta och Matcha is an initiative for people who are registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service and who are judged to be in need of individually adapted support for jobs or education.

The goal of the Rusta och Matcha service is that you who participate must, with the support of our supervisors, succeed in getting to work or education as soon as possible. You can easily find out if you are entitled to the Rusta och Matcha service by contacting the Swedish Public Employment Service – if you are entitled to the service, select the Jobfind office that is closest to your home address, and then we will contact you a few days before your start date to determine the time for a first meeting at one of our offices.

At Jobfind, we give you the right conditions and support to find a job, expand your network of contacts and review your opportunities for further education.  With us, you get individual support with application documents, contacts with employers, study and career guidance, study visits and short training initiatives as well as workshops.  Our teams have a broad knowledge of the local labor and education market and collaborate with our colleagues nationally to support you in your next step in life.


Within our business area, Joblife, we offer you support in your education. If you need help getting started, planning, and organizing your studies, please contact us.

If you have difficulty with concentration, reading and writing difficulties or other challenges in an educational situation, you are welcome to contact us.

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