About Jobfind

A part of Angus Knight

Jobfind Scandinavia AB is part of the Angus Knight Group, which was established in 1991 in Australia by Duncan Angus.

Since then, the company has guided more than one million people in work and studies in Australia. In 2021, the business expanded into the United Kingdom and one year later in Sweden.

Today Angus Knight Group is a leading company in educating people out of unemployment with offices in over 200 locations in Australia & the UK, and now also in Sweden. The group consists of 13 separate companies that focus on providing different types of assignments such as:

Employment initiatives
Recruitment and staffing
Support for the disabled in education and work
Integration efforts and diversity work
Social education and assistance
Health and medical services

Our vision

To be the leading human services organisation in every community we serve by 2024.

We will achieve this through a disciplined approach to our strategic pillars – reputation, performance, growth and capability – driving us to create better outcomes for all people across employment, education and community development.

Our purpose

Our purpose To empower the people and communities we work with every day.

Our values

We are principled


stay true to our business vision and values
do the right thing, particularly when no-one is looking
are trustworthy, maintain confidentiality and act with integrity

We keep our promises


walk the talk, doing what we say we will do
own it! We accept accountability, take responsibility, and deliver on commitments – especially to our customers and stakeholders
create an environment of trust and transparency

We achieve together


share ideas, knowledge and better practice
are empowered to collaborate to achieve goals, push boundaries and innovate
prioritise group/team goals over individual goals

We respect and value all people


are inclusive and develop positive relationships to drive change and growth
respect difference – eg the diverse needs of others’ cultures, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation
demonstrate empathy, listen to others and are constructive even when we disagree

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