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Turning our vision into reality

By March 20, 2023May 14th, 2024No Comments

Aralia Eriksson, CEO of Jobfind named Industry Profile of the Year 2022!

Why we like it: The Industry Profile of the Year is constantly on the move, an operational whirlwind that has taken the market by storm over the past year. A stalwart in the industry who has climbed the ladder with his unique drive. In 2022, she reached new heights, managing to lead a new player in the Swedish labor market to win several large deals in a short time.

“This is a testament to hard work! It feels very good to have it confirmed with such a nice award. I want to thank everyone at Jobfind Sweden who contributed to this great award, but also thank the rest of the Angus Knight Group for the confidence.” – Aralia Eriksson, CEO